The Shelter receives uplifting murals

Artwork from The Shelter's wall of a hummingbird flapping its wings while perched on a branch

In a significant display of community support, Park National Bank has extended support to The Domestic Violence Shelter. This contribution has enabled renowned local artist Allison Pence to bring a burst of color and inspiration to the shelter through a series of vibrant murals.

Beyond funding Pence’s creative endeavors, the compassionate staff at Park National Bank have taken a hands-on approach by inscribing affirmations on the walls throughout the shelter, extending from the shared living areas to each of the 14 individual bedroom doors.

Park National Bank’s generosity has not only facilitated the creation of uplifting art throughout the shelter but also spurred a much-needed renovation of the children’s playroom. In an innovative move, a chalkboard was installed below the chair rail to foster the children’s artistic inclinations. Additionally, Pence seamlessly integrated existing crayon and pen marks into her new artwork, enhancing the room’s original whimsical aesthetic.

“I was deeply moved when Colleen approached me about this project, as it presents an opportunity to positively impact an entire community,” Allison Pence commented. “My hope is that the vibrant colors and the uplifting theme dispersed throughout the hallways will make the shelter more inviting and welcoming.”

Chris Hiner, the Regional President of Park National Bank, expressed his enthusiasm about the project’s transformative potential. “Our support for these murals goes beyond mere beautification; we’re instilling a sense of hope and resilience in those to remind them better days are ahead,” Hiner remarked.

Echoing Hiner’s sentiments, Shannon Hatfield, Director of Shelter Services, emphasized the healing and inspiring power of art. “This project enables us to create an environment that not only ensures safety but also radiates positivity for our residents,” Hatfield stated.

Those in need of assistance are encouraged to contact the shelter hotline at 419-774-5840. For individuals interested in volunteer opportunities, they are invited to call the hotline and ask for Sarah.

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